5 run aussies Deion

He finished his Championship Jan 30, 2010 shown by Shannon Jackson going WD for a 3 point major and then going on to take BOS.   Jan 31, 2010 shown by Shannon Jackson Deion went BOS for the first time being shown in the BOB class.  YEA Deion and Shannon!!!!

Baby Deion, this is his first baby photo.  Wasn't he a cute little baby?  He has turned into a VERY nice adult. 

CH Los Suenos Prime Time STDd RN OAJ TN-N NJC JS-E GS-O  He is both ASCA and AKC registered.

(4 Majors, Mutiple Major Reserves)  (4 Point Major under ASCA Breeder Judge Marie Murphy, 3 Point Major and BOS under ASCA Senior Breeder Judge Melinda Gann, 5 Point Major under ASCA Senior Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley,  3 Point Major and BOS under Janet Kelly ) .  He has so many Reserve wins that I quit keeping up with them.  I have listed at the bottom of his page the ones that I can remember.  I did put a photo of one of his RWD to a Major below.  He hasn't been shown much, only about 3 shows a year.

Deion is a very clean moving boy; he moves effortlessly.  He has a scissors bite, full dentition, clean coming and going and a beautiful side gait.  He was born March 6th, 2002.  He is Red-factored.

OFA Hips Good AS-21039G40M-PI, OFA Elbows Normal AS-EL167940-PI, Clear of the hereditary cataract mutation (no copies) AC925, CERF is clear AS-7293, MDR1-12592 Normal/Normal, CHIC-23409

Sire HOF ASCA and AKC Ch Zuzaxs Coupzax DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-8069G24M F=23.27%
E59376 DL46152205

Dam Ch Los Suenos Legends N'lace DNA-VP, Red Tri, Eyes cleared 6/05 AS-15148G37F-T 8/30/1997


 Deion is an AWESOME agility dog.  He is very fast, will work away from you, quick turns and very tight turns.  Plus the nice thing about Deion is he will run for anybody.  I have been at a couple of trials that I was too sick to run him.  I handed him off to a friend and they were off.  He is very confident on the agility course.  Photo Credit Spot Shots.

Deion going WD and BOS for a 3 point major under Senior Breeder Judge Melinda Gann.  Thank you Shannon Jackson for showing my boy.  Photo credit Michael Loftis.

Above Deion going Winners Dog for a 5 point major (photo credit playaction, Jennifer Lindsey) Thanks to Shannon Jackson for showing my boy. 

Below working sheep.

Photo above is one of Deion's RWD to a major, photo credit to 2MC.

Deion’s RWD wins that I can remember:

Sheila Hall

Glenda Stephenson

Ann Tidmore

Rick Gann (twice)

Melinda Gann

Susan Landry-Withcar

Heidi Mobley (twice)

Laura Clayton

Robyn Powley

Marie Murphy