5 run aussies Fun Photos

Ace decided he was a lawmower mechanic.  He saw his dad crawl under the lawmower and decided that he needed help.  So he crawled under there with him and didn't come out until Al did.  Talk about versatility :-)

Photo Credit for these photos goes to Michael Loftis.  These were taking January 2006 at an agility trial.  I normally share the perfect photos where they are all either sitting, standing or are all in a down.  But I thought it would be fun to show what goes into getting those perfect photos.  I bought all the outtakes because they were so funny to me.  I had a friend trying to help out with these photos.  While Michael was trying to take the photos my friend Mike Hawk was calling the boys to get them to look at them.  Well that just seemed to be more than they could stand that day.  They would just have to go over and talk to Mike from time to time.  The three of us were laughing so hard while these were being taken.  I always enjoy my dogs no matter what we are doing.  They are all clowns and keep me laughing.  I hope you enjoy these.  Notice in the last photo everyone was ready except mom, she was talking......

The photo below is of Deion and Max (Max is the one in the water).  This was so funny.  The momma duck was sitting on a nest with eggs.  The daddy duck saw the dogs and thought he had to protect the nest.  So he swam over to the dogs and acted like he was injured and could hardly swim.  Max would swim out and try to get the duck then the duck would take off swimming again.  Just as Max would almost get to the bank here came the duck back to lure him out again.  Deion is the one you see on the bank.  You can't see Ace and Jordan but they were there also.  Deion, Ace and Jordan would run all the way around the pond when Max would start chasing the duck to shore (or he thought he was anyway).  When they would get to the other side the duck would swim back to the other side of the pond and the whole thing started over again.  Max would swim after the duck and the other three would start running back to the other side again.  They did this for an hour when I finally made Max get out of the pond.  His legs were like rubber after swimming that long.  He couldn't even get in the van; I had to pick him up and put him in his crate to go home.  They were four VERY tired Aussies.