5 run aussies Jordan

Los Suenos I Think I Can Fly  GS-N JS-O

Jordan is the kindest most caring dog I have ever owned.  You can see the compassion in his eyes when you look at him.  Jordan is such a special dog; he is just precious.  My husband will stop breathing at night when he forgets to wear or to turn on his CPAP machine.  One night I was sound asleep and was awaken because Jordan was standing on the bed with his front feet on Al's chest and rubbing his nose on Al's cheek.  I started to tell him off; that is when I realized that Al didn't have his machine on and was NOT breathing.  About that time Al started breathing and Jordan jumped off the bed.  I can't even start to express just how special this dog is.  If he never does anything else in his life, he became a lifesaver that night.  I don't think I would have woke up that night if Jordan hadn't jumped on the and don't know if Al would have started breathing again on his own.  Al can be in the other end of the house from Jordan and cough and Jordan will take off down the hall to check on him.  Just a cough like a cold nothing serious.  All I know is that God sent Jordan to us for a very speical reason.  He can be so very soft.

Sire HOF ASCA CH Legend Bienvenido Los Suenos STDcd  DNA-VP
Dam ASCA CH Los Suenos Ever Wonder